For over 6 years, 24×7 Computers has proven to be a leader in providing full-service event technology services including technology rentals for schools, colleges, office, home, event planners, conference planners, convention exhibitors and corporations throughout the Andhra Pradesh.

With unsurpassed service and superior support at a national level, 24×7 Computers provides unique technology solutions for event productions & venues of all sizes. Our state-of-the-art inventory offers unlimited options including the latest computers, digital signage, LED and LCD video walls and interactive touch solution rentals. We partner with you to strategize the best production possible as well as provide the support services to manage it.

24×7 Computers is the leading provider of computer rental solutions, and supply computer equipments. Our success can be attributed to the professionalism of our staff and our promise to providing the maximum levels of service to our clients.

Do you have a need for PC rentals? Is your need specifically for desktop computer rentals that are all the same manufacturer model number? If so, we got you covered and can deliver them today!

If you need to rent a PC, choose from the top-of-the-line manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, IBM, Dell and Apple. We will configure your desktop rental to your exact specifications, all for a competitive price. We are the one source for every type of computer rental desktop. Installations and network configuration are also available for your personal computer rental.

Why Rent a Desktop?

Desktop rentals are great if you need temporary computers in a stationary context. For example, if you are running a temporary office or computer training facility, renting desktop computers is a highly cost efficient alternative to purchasing. Often times desktop computers rent for less than laptop computers. Since your Unitech Microsystems Agent will handle installation, renting full sized units can be easy and impressive to your users.

Flexible Quantities and Time Periods
If you need one or one hundred desktop computers on a short term basis, contact 24×7 Computers for a no cost, no obligation price quotation. Rental periods can be as short as 1 day and as long as you need.

Have Your Company Software Preloaded On Every Desktop:
If you have specific software that you need, our agents can have every desktop rental preloaded with that software, so that when it is delivered to you each desktop is ready to go.

All Our Desktops Run The Latest In OS Systems:
With our PCs we currently run Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10, which is a nice combination of XP’s functionality with Vista’s sleek aesthetics.

24×7 Computers is Guntur’s leading Laptop Hire company (Laptop Rental Company) and provide a first class computer hire service at very competitive rates. We specialize in short and long term Laptop Hire and with our large range of laptops. We are always able to tailor a rental to your specific requirements. Many of our clients are Guntur, Vijayawada, Hyderabad & Secunderabad based but we are also able to deliver anywhere in Andhra Pradesh.

We are one of the prominent Rental Solution Providers for IT, who have achieved growth rate of more than 100% consistently backed up by a team of dedicated Customer Services, and the one who would go that extra mile to meet your deadlines. As a dynamic young team, we always believe in continuous growth of Rental industry, and explored unique ideas for our clients and suggest them to grow uniquely and differently.

Why Rent a Laptop?

Information Technology is changing fast and so is the business market place. Technology and business are evolving as you talk or as you are reading this page. Technologies are getting obsolete and business needs to invest more on the recent versions. In such a dynamic scenario, Rent A Computer has brought the perfect solutions for your business. You can rent a laptop, rent a server, rent a printer, rent a computer from us and run a hassle free business. You can now rent a laptop in guntur, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Secunderabad. 24×7 Computers also guarantees you that every time you rent from us you will get your peace of mind.

Advantages of renting computer accessories are numerous. A laptop will get obsolete in a year and your investment is dead. So why don’t you rent a laptop from us and reap the benefits of your investment.

You can rent a laptop from 24×7 Computers in cities like Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Vijaywada, Guntur. We have strong technical team to provide support to the rented laptops as well as any other equipment. When it comes to renting a laptop, we will provide you with all the choices that are available in India and you will only specify your need and the rest is ours. So rent a laptop from us today and get your peace of mind for free!!

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