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Sell Used Desktop PCs and iMacs

Are you looking to get some extra cash? Do you have an older Desktop computer, Laptop or iMac sitting around collecting dust that you don’t use anymore? At 24×7 Computers we would be happy to take it off your hands! We buy all brands of computers and give you CASH On-the-Spot for your computer. Often times, even if it’s an older, outdated model, we can still assess it and buy it, perhaps even using it for parts for someone else’s computer – and you get to pocket the cash.

We also make sure your computer’s hard drive is wiped clean so none of your personal data is left on there before we reuse or recycle it. Bring your computer to 24×7 Computers today and we can not only help you out with your old computer, we can give you quick cash to either pocket or use towards a newer computer or iMac, or any needed accessories in our store.

The brands Does’t matter to us, just give your local 24×7 Computers a call…chances are we will be able to buy it if is in good shape, gently-used, and still in demand. Why have your old computer sitting around collecting dust if you can get cash for it on-the-spot – or use store credit towards a newer model?

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