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24 x 7 Computers gives on rent all types of servers, whether entry-level or high-end and configured as per your requirement. Technology has taken giant steps in making available highly complex configuration in servers, enhancing servers’ capacity & speed to previously unimagined levels.

At 24 x 7 Computers, we not only provide such servers on rent but also possess in-house expertise to lend necessary support as a backup to the support assured by the manufacturers. Servers already deployed by 24 x 7 Computers include X-Series Servers, P-Series Servers, Sun Servers, Unix Servers, etc., all mostly used by entities like banks, insurance companies, etc., whose requirement of data storage and number-crunching capacity & speed is huge. 24 x 7 Computers has also deployed 64-Core in a single server, too.

We can provide specific make & model required by you. Quantity is no bar. OS and Application Software of Microsoft under SPLA is provided if required by you. Duration could be as short as 1 day to long-term like 3 years or above.

If you have a requirement for small quantity of desktops and laptops, then we can meet the requirement in cities where our branches are based – Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Guntur.

Upgrade Options:

  • RAM : CDP provide laptop rentals with a variety of memory capacities. CDP gives you the flexiblity to upgrade your RAM upto 32 GB to match your needs.
  • HDD : For all your valuable data higher capacity HDD options available with CDP. You can upgrade your hard disk upto 1 TB to store your crucial data without any problems.
  • Laptop With 2/4 GB Dedicated Graphics Card
  • Laptop with HDMI Port

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Rack Server on Rent

Intel Hexa Core Processor / 8 – 128 GB RAM / 500 GB – 4 TB HDD /

Giglan / Redudant Power Supply / 2U Rack Server

Blade Server on Rent

If you need a Server Rental that uses a minimal amount of physical space, and saves energy, then you should contact CDP about Blade Server Rental. CDP can procure entire systems of blade servers, which operate in conjunction with each other for large storage projects

Tower Server on Rent

Quad Core Multiple Processors / 8 – 128 GB RAM / 500 GB – 5 TB HDD /

0,5,10 Raid / Optional HBA Card / 4U Tower Server.

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