Cloud Readiness Assessment

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Cloud is not for all needs and certainly not for all organizations. Though it’s meant to reduce the total cost of ownership of your IT assets, it needs careful planning before you decide to migrate your IT assets to cloud.

Enterprises and ISVs wishing to migrate their applications and product would love to know the magic numbers backed up by mathematical and statistical modeling. We will help you know the answers to following questions:

  • Who will validate my migration objectives?
  • Will I have to throw away my existing IT assets? What shall I do with my existing IT human capital? How much of my existing IT assets can be re-used? What will be the pay-back period? How will I calculate ROI and TCO?
  • How much I will have to invest if I wish to migrate on to the cloud? Can this migration happen phase by phase so that I don’t need to pump money upfront?
  • Who will guide me what to migrate and what not to migrate? How will my non-cloud application communicate with applications migrated on cloud?
  • What’s the risk in moving my IT assets to cloud? Will I have to roll back my migration plan if I don’t achieve my migration objectives? Will my exiting staff accept these changes?

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