Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Services

Using the AWS IoT as a growth vehicle for your business

Simplify your IoT applications through AWS IoT a cloud managed platform considered as one of the top platforms. AWS IoT lets you to connect with devices easily and interacts with the devices and cloud applications in a secure manner. This platform simplifies the communication process with all the devices anytime even when they are not connected and keeps the track of them too. With AWS IoT it is possible to support billions of devices and trillions of messages by routing those messages to AWS endpoints.

Developing IoT application which can transfer huge amount of data can be a challenging process. 24×7 Computers can facilitate rapid development of IoT application through AWS IoT platform. The platform offers all necessary functions to collect, store analyze and take actions against large amount of data transferring from your connected devices.

Amazon Web Services IoT has lot of features to accelerate the IoT application development.

  • Registry for recognizing devices
  • Software development kit for devices
  • Device shadows
  • Secure device gateway
  • Rules engine for inbound message evaluation

24×7 Computers IoT application development team delivers effective solutions to evaluate your current business scenarios. The team brings in flexibility and proficiency with Amazon Web Services which results in the best IoT implementation. The AWS IoT architecture is flexible enough to allow deployment in any kind of environment.

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