IBM Watson Analytics Platform

Helping you to build progressive IoT applications

The24x7 Computers developers utilize the latest platforms, criteria and modality to extend the IoT application development by using IBM Watson Platform services for the customers.

The Watson analytics platform aids users in setting up and managing IoT connected devices through IBM’s Bluemix a hybrid cloud platform as a service (PaaS) development platform.  

24×6 Computers helps you on-board your IoT application quickly by using IBM Watson platform. Device management, real-time data exchange, secure communications, data storage, weather data and a lot more provisions are available in IBM Watson platform.

24×7 Computers  IoT professionals can help organizations to achieve benefits of IBM Watson like real-time data, perform analytics and collect connected device data by offering consulting and deployment services. 

If you are looking forward for implementing IBM Watson with your IoT applications then please write to us at Our team will guide in successful implementation.

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