Cloud-based big data analytics

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Cloud offers exceptional flexibility, allowing organizations to add big data analytics to their capabilities. Investments in big data and analytics can be very essential to drive efficient and cost-effective infrastructure.

Cloud computing models can accelerate the potential for scalable big data solutions. Cloud offers flexibility to access data, deliver insights, and drive value. However, cloud-enabled big data analytics is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

This is where it is crucial to choose a partner that provides multiple cloud options to suit your big data initiatives. At 24×7 Computers,  we weigh various factors like cost, security, workload to choose the right cloud platform for your analytics service.

Among various cloud delivery models, private cloud can offer a more cost-effective model for analysis of big data in-house, also while preparing internal resources with public cloud services. The hybrid cloud model enables organizations to use on-demand storage and computing for certain analytics initiatives via public services while providing added capacity and scale as required.

Analytics as a service (AaaS) framework

With our cloud-based AaaS, you can address user needs across various analytics requirements. Right from data delivery, management and usage, we help you develop a comprehensive cloud-based big data strategy, define AaaS framework and optimize the value of your enterprise data.

Our AaaS framework comprises of the following capabilities:

  • Capturing structured and unstructured data from various trusted sources- identifying and prioritizing most critical data and deciding on what to retain and how long.
  • Data management and data control with governance and policy guidelines – in compliance with specific industry requirements across global enterprise.
  • Performing data integration, analysis, transformation and visualization – to deliver the right information to the right place, to right people at the right time.

24×7 Computers offers various cloud models for your big data initiatives depending on your usage and requirements. Now make best use of your IT budget by employing analytics as a service (AaaS) supported by private, public and hybrid cloud.

Unlock the potential of big data in cloud. Get in touch with us today at to know more.

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