Cloud Computing Solutions for manufacturing industry

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Manufacturing globally is rapidly evolving. We have entered a promising time in manufacturing where the digital technologies are transforming the way companies are building and selling products. The arrival of Industry 4.0 powered by cloud enables today’s manufacturers to innovate and build keeping in pace with the rapid advancements in the sector.

Manufactures have to constantly improve their operational excellence, process efficiency, product quality and comply with safety and regulatory norms. This gives rise to new challenges and opportunities triggering the need for digital transformation using cloud technologies.

Today’s manufacturers are looking at using cloud computing technologies and cloud driven analytics along with business intelligence to enable supplier portals and collaboration platforms. Manufacturing industry is seeing magnificent  changes that induce rapid product lifecycles and shorter time-to-market. Cloud-based strategies bring these companies quicker transformation for faster roll-out and customization of products.

24×7 Computers cloud computing practice takes root in our digital innovation excellence. Our expertise in cloud services ranges from consulting to managed services built to suit manufacturing companies digital transformation initiatives. Our cloud experts help you in building your collaboration platforms, product designs, sales channels, marketing automation and ERP strategies.

How 24×7 Computers helps:

24×7 Computers cloud practice helps you realize many business benefits. With a wide spectrum of cloud offerings and solutions, we enable you drive your operational excellence across the enterprise.

We at 24×7 Computers leverage our cloud expertise to nurture your potential to innovate enabling smart manufacturing.

Solution Areas:

Global collaboration: Our team of cloud experts help you plan and manage your key operational functions like product co-creation, procurement, demand planning, supply chain, compliance, tracking and risk management and overall collaboration with your suppliers, stakeholders and dealers.

The benefits you gain from our cloud services such as pay-as-you-go, global reach and elasticity, faster time-to-market and access to collaboration and communication tools on the cloud make it an ideal platform to power all your global collaboration initiatives.

Cloud-driven analytics: 24×7 Computers offers you an effective solution to store, process and back-up the ever increasing volume of data gathered from numerous customer and partner touch points creating analytical models to draw insights. We leverage the elasticity of cloud to help you retain and analyze key information enabling seamless information flow.

Workflow automation: Automate all your workflows using our cloud-based systems that include support services. Our services help you in key performance gains by digitizing your manufacturing processes reducing inventories, increasing service levels, leading to a more integrated plants.

Company-wide business intelligence: For the manufacturers who rely upon strategies like engineer-to-order as a core part of their business models, we use cloud based platforms to capture knowledge for analytics, and reporting.

Collaboration platforms and supplier portals: Manufacturers sifting to high-tech manufacturing often require to implement demand and supply management applications that deliver real-time order status and forecasts. We pilot their vendor managed inventory with best-in-class quality management dashboards and workflows that are most advanced in this area.

Product designs: Right from launching a product or redesigning a product, cloud integration to your service lines is getting critical for manufacturers. We offer embedded services across your product life cycle that can mitigate risks and costs. This is also a reason why many manufacturers are applying this strategy.

New Product Development (NPD): Manufacturers can accelerate their NPD strategies by using cloud-based platforms as they need greater collaboration in early design. We leverage our cloud knowledge to bring you strategies that shorten time-to-market your new product launches.

Customer service integration: Manufacturers have varying levels of adoption for automating self-service and content management platforms. Our cloud experts understand this and apply their knowledge in automating your customer service, support and online inquiries, integrating your systems to distributed order management.

ERP strategies: Today’s manufacturers are moving away from single ERP vendor systems to two-tier ERP systems for greater agility. Cloud-based ERP systems can break your large ERP systems and scale down to smaller operational needs.

Our experts guide you along your digital roadmap to take you towards the future of manufacturing. Contact us today to know more. Write to us at

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