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Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

Cloud computing changes the game with many players set to start moving healthcare applications across to cloud platforms. Cloud computing reduces costs, improves performance and accelerates efforts to achieve greater agility.

Such benefits are crucial as healthcare organizations are driven to become lean while maintaining the quality of patient safety. This migration to cloud clearly represents a transformative phase in healthcare sector. The healthcare sector is now harnessing the benefits of cost and agility of cloud without compromising data security.

This means healthcare will never be the same again. 24×7 Computers own experience underlines this thought as we have conducted a significant number of cloud assignments in the healthcare industry.

Being a digital innovation partner to many healthcare companies, 24×7 Computers understands the pulse of the healthcare sector. We have enabled digitization and cloudification of many healthcare companies. Our digital transformation initiatives help healthcare companies with better patient engagement, risk management and improved operation processes.

How 24×7 Computers helps:

24×7 Computers helps you address many challenges faced by healthcare companies such as optimizing costs, improving customer / patient experience, digitizing sensitive healthcare data and proving efficient and secure solutions.

Our digital transformation initiatives have helped our healthcare clients in the areas of customer engagement, digital products and services, operational excellence and workforce and partner enablement.

Solution areas:

24×7 Computers offers cloud technologies and solutions that transform healthcare related applications become more patient-centred and data-driven in the areas of:

Agility: Healthcare companies require greater agility to adapt to change at high speed at low cost. Our cloud solutions enable your business to adapt to new business models, develop new capabilities quickly as well as cost effectively. We enable you to connect, collaborate and share information easily along the value chain.

Security: With companies moving to electronic medical records, the cloud opens the prospect of integrated health information across the globe.

Further, we take care of your security concerns like loss of sensitive information and risk of unauthorized access that can be addresses by our cloud security capabilities.

EMR Integration: With an increased demand for more control over data, the adoption of electronic medical record systems has emerged as a necessity within the healthcare industry.

Other healthcare solutions:

Common use cases where 24×7 Computers can add value to healthcare organizations with cloud implementation

  • Quick provision of Business Intelligence capabilities
  • Empower your research initiatives with cloud computing
  • Build custom apps with cloud platform
  • Generate better visibility into patient and patient data through cloud
  • Build next-generation mobile apps for hospital housekeeping with cloud platform
  • Storing, analyzing and managing high volumes of medical data to improve patient outcomes

To meet this growing demand we offer EMR and technologies by moving to SaaS delivery models for storage, collaboration and sharing your applications in the cloud. He also take care of HIPAA compliance and other regulations in the healthcare industry.

If you are thinking of streamlining your key business areas, talk to our domain experts today for customized cloud-based strategies that transform your healthcare systems. Write to us at know how!

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