IoT cloud solution development

Using the cloud as a growth vehicle for your business

The revolution of Internet of things is here! Subsequent to social media and e-commerce IoT is the next big thing and has opened the doors for new innovations. In coming years, it is expected that billions of devices will be connected with each other. Devices ranging from sensors, vehicles, cameras and machines – everything will be empowered by IoT. There are many use-cases in the market wherein businesses are leveraging IoT and cloud to serve their customer base by adding new IoT devices to their offerings. 

24×7 Computers has rich experience in providing enterprises-class cloud solutions, developing IoT applications for web or mobile apps with secure device connectivity, developing algorithms and data analysis provided under one roof.

Our engineers are able to identify and analyze the IoT business use-cases to create completely innovative business models and generate revenue streams by reducing costs, boosting productivity, enhancing security and improving the ROI where all is possible with an IoT based approach.

24×7 Computers has worked on various projects which makes us an efficient IoT service provider. We have deployed some applications in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, etc.

24×7 Computers enterprise-scale services include:

  • Understanding the business requirements to the IoT development with a clearly defined procedure and its execution.
  • Assessment of the security and vulnerability issues during the execution.
  • Implementations of IoT including Wearables, Data Analytics, Mobile Apps, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Sensor applications using cloud.
  • Proof of concept validation and execution.
  • User Interface design, development and architecture design with appropriate system integration.
  • Delivery management, device monitoring and management, big data and cloud enablement.

As per the purpose of IoT devices connected which each other, to relay information using the transfer protocols, the gap between device sensors and data network is filled by IoT platform. The IoT platform is a connection between the data network and the sensor arrangements providing insights using backend application.

We at 24×7 Computers offer services to integrate and deploy the IoT platforms with IoT applications on the go.

Platforms supported by 24×7 Computers are:

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT
  2. Microsoft Azure IoT
  3. ThingWorx IoT Platform
  4. IoT IBM Watson

Ready your business for IoT! Learn more about our cloud IoT solutions. Contact us today at for more information. 24×7 Computers offers various market solutions that enable your IoT initiatives to drive new opportunities and business models.

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